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How to Use this Site

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The following will explain how to use this site - what categories and types of information you can access and how to navigate through them.

You can also view the Site Map - which gives you a full outline of all the information on the site and how this content links together. 

The Main Menu bar
The Main Menu bar is located at the top of the home page beneath the website header. Items on the main menu include the Home page link, Site Information (About Blackwood Online, Welcome, Terms & Conditions for using this site etc).  Community Pages (including Seniors, Youth and Kids; and local Church pages).  Banking links to quickly access your banks' website for internet banking and other banking need. The BBN (Blackwood Business Network)  where businesses can register, and take advantage of the many business networking functions  and opportunites available.  Useful inks have also been placed to the right of the main menu bar - public transport, weather, news, calendar. entertainment/ (TV Guide), and Google Search (you can search anywhere on the web while navigating our site).
  • Browser / Other Options
    Font Enlarger  At the top right hand corner of the website header, you will find an option for increasing or decreasing the font size of the text on the site.  Select the 'A ' symbol to increase the font size to suit your viewing comfort.  Select the 'A-'  symbol to reduce the font size.
  • Screen Width   You will also find options for adjusting your screen.  The two vertical bars 'II" will adjust the screen view to a fixed width, so no matter what size screen you have, the website structure and content will stay ina fixed position.  The signs indicated by : '<>' will adjust your screen view to a fluid width.  This means that the structure and content of the site will automatically adjust to the width of your screen.
  • Your Browser  This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6)  and above, or Firefox 2.   Your internet speed connection can also affect the efficiency of browing this site. With high speed  broadband connections this site is viewed well in both IE6 (and above) and Firefox. For slower speed connections we recommend Firefox. You can download Firefox 2, now with Google tool bar here.
Left Hand Menu

Here you will find a number of menu sections.  These include the Directory of 'Business Listings',  (including New listings..), a 'Property & Finance' section, 'Community Trader'Tools, and Member Login.  The Tools section includes links to the main directories of the site (Business Listings and Community Trader), google map search, Vouchers and a Feedback form.  This lists survey questions about  your experience using the website.  You are encouraged to complete this form to give us your feedback and suggestions for improving the site.

Right Hand Menu
A flash module incorporates photographs, business and fundraising promotional content.  Other banner promotional spaces will also be found here.  A calendar showing the current month view, is also an events calendar.  Click on the day to see if there are any local community or business events posted there, or to post an event*.  The 'Latest events' module will show you the latest recorded upcoming events. 
  • Recording an Event Select the 'Post New Event' button to post an event. Select an appropriate category for your event.  All new postings will be automatically forwarded through to Administration for approval. If you have an event that needs posting urgently (within 24 hours) please email or phone through these details. 
Business listings
Browse the shopping & services in Blackwood through the Business Listings Directory located in the left menu bar.  Here you will find all the shops and services currently listed in this directory, with full product and service information, special deals, menus and more.  An interactive google map will help you find the location of the business. Businesses with special offers will include a Voucher icon on their entry.  Click on this icon to see the voucher and what they have available.

Blackwood Community Trading Page

Visit our free Community Trader  - using the add entry option, place an add for the goods you have for sale, a service you are offering or place a community notice. These adds and notices can be viewed by anyone searching the community trader.  All postings on the Community Trader will also come through to Adminiistration for approval prior to posting live on the site. *For instructions to place a notice see our FAQ


On the home page click on the VOUCHER icon to view the special offers local businesses have  available. Clicking the Voucher will enlarge it for viewing and printing.  Click on the Business name next to the Business to view full details of that business.
The SHOPPING icon will take you to a summary page of all listed businesses.  You can search here for any business listed.  Alternately, you can search through the Business Listings directory.
Web Links
Useful Web Links - In the footer of the site you will find links to organizations such as the Cancer Council for useful health information, the Mitcham Council, clubs etc. Visit the new site of the Blackwood Times - here you can view current news items and past issues of the local paper. You can contact them via their site to arrange placement of news items and advertising in your local paper.

Community Pages
Community pages for Seniors, Youth and Kids will be developed to provide useful links and information for these groups. 
These pages will develop over time and we would be very interested in your feedback for the types of information you would like to see on these pages.
Games & Competitions

·         Competitions
            Competitions will be available regularly for users of this site.  Check this page for competitions currently happening.   
            Interesting and valuable information and links will be posted on these pages and include opportuities for community involvement and contribution.  Useful ideas will be welcomed.  Please with your ideas.
·         Kids
            Fun and educational information and links will be posted on this page as it becomes available.  We will focus on only linking to sites that are deemed to be safe and secure.
            We do not have control, however, over other links on these sites (third party links).
            We would also like to remind you that children under the age of 13 must have permission
            and guidance from a Parent or Guardian when using the site (see Terms and Conditions).  It is important to monitor the content viewed on the website by children under your care. 
 Please us with your feedback and suggestions for improvement.
Ongoing Development

We plan to continually expand and improve the site.  This will include information and links regarding services for the elderly, good food and physical health information etc.  The site will develop over time and we hope you will visit the site regularly to see the new shops and services that have come on-line.   

We trust this site will provide a convenient, single point of access for meeting your shopping, services and information needs.  As you use the site, we would appreciate you completing the feedback form located in the Tools menu in the left navigation bar (click on the Feedback link to open the page listing the questions and place your vote). Tell us how useful you have found the site, and give us your suggestions for improvements. 
It is envisaged that Blackwood On-Line will become a truly useful and convenient on-line portal for all those living in or visiting this beautiful hills locality.                                       Blackwood On-Line




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